This site is a static site, generated with hugo, written in markdown, using a modified version of the Hugo Learn Theme by Mathieu Cornic. It is autodeployed on AWS S3 using AWS CodeBuild whenever the git repository on GitHub is updated. Periodically, CloudFront (Content Distribution Network) checks for updated content and caches them for faster loading across the continent.

Static Site

A static site is a website with fixed content. Every page is pre-generated and served directly, without any dynamic elements or backend programming logic. This allows for deployment on S3 and CloudFront since no servers are required to execute any programming logic. This makes hosting the website low maintenance, low cost and incredibly resilient and available.


Hugo is a static site generator written in the Go programming language. Go being a compiled language allows Hugo to be an incredibly fast site generator. The content for this site is written in the Markdown markup language, then converted into the HTML being served to you.


Markdown is a light text markup language for formatting plain text. You’ve probably seen it before, using *’s for making text italicized and bolded. For a concise reference for the syntax, see Adam Pritchard’s cheatsheet.


The theme used on the site is a modified version of Mathieu Cornic’s port of the Grav documentation site, Hugo Learn Theme. This theme was chosen specifically since it was designed for code/tool documentation, which works well for reference sites like this.


GitHub is the (self-proclaimed) “…world’s leading software development platform”. It hosts a plethora of open-source projects, where developers collaborate together using git. Git is a version control system which is, and forever will be, better than Fossil. By having this site hosted in a git repo, collaborators will have a chance to practice their git.