Careers & Co-op

Career Resources

Career Centre

For students not in the co-op program, there are still resources available to to. The Ryerson Career Centre also provides many of the same resources as the co-op office. You are also able to book appointments for any career related help, this includes resume, cover letter overviews, or other career planning advice.

The services provided by the Career Centre are also available to alumi five years after graduation. (source)


Third Party

There are many career related resources available online, a lot of them are free! You can find those on the Online Resources page.

CO-OP Students

Program Info

For the most up to date information on the co-op program, visit the department’s website at

Note, the schedule provided on that website is extremely flexible.

Co-op Office

Students in the co-op program are given access to extra resources provided by the co-op office. This includes mock interviews, resume and cover letter workshops.

For more information visit the co-op office page. Workshops are typically advertised via email.