Student Groups

There are many student groups that are managed by Computer Science students: CSCU, CPC, GMU and WICS.

CSCU (Computer Science Course Union)

See: Computer Science Course Union

The CSCU is a student run organization that represents all computer science undergraduate students at Ryerson University. All executive members of the CSCU are elected by the members of the CSCU. The CSCU is responsible for both acting as a liaison between the student body and the department, and holding events and programs for computer science students.

CSCU homepage

CPC (Competitive Programming Club)

The CPC is a student group that strives to learn and practice problem solving with applied computer science. The CPC is a great opportunity to apply what you have learned in computer science, and join a team to compete with other schools in the region during yearly programming competitions.

CPC homepage

GMU (Game Makers’ Union)

The GMU is a student group not solely run by computer science students, but a good portion of management and membership are computer science students for obvious reasons. The GMU strives to develop games, and attend Game Jams as teams.

GMU homepage

WICS (Women in Computer Science)

WICS is a student group that discusses and resolves issues that women in computer science may have. They strive to promote women everywhere to consider being part of the Computer Science field.

WICS homepage

LUG (Linux User Group at Ryerson University)

The LUG is a student group surrounding the promotion of the use of Linux, UNIX and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). It meets weekly in ENG201 every Monday from 12-2PM for discussion and projects.

LUG homepage

Portfolio DevOps

Portfolio DevOps is a student group which meets weekly to work on projects devoted to the bolstering of students’ project portfolios. It explores various tech stacks and niches within the field to prepare students for the industry.

Portfolio DevOps Facebook Group