The Computer Science Course Union is a student run organization that acts as liaison between undergraduate computer science students and the Department of Computer Science at Ryerson University. The CSCU is involved both in academic and non-academic affairs.


The Computer Science Course Union (CSCU) is the student body that represents all of the Full-Time Undergraduate Students enrolled in Computer Science. We are one of the Course Unions under the Ryerson Student’s Union, and we are here to support, encourage and provide opportunities to students in our program. We run tons of events, academic, professional and social, and we love working with the other student groups in science to provide great experiences to students.

We have a first year representative position, and first year deputies that will be chosen in the first month of school. To apply, please email us at

We encourage students to come to our events and get involved that way if they do not get chosen for first year rep, or don’t want to be first year representative but still want to be involved. Some examples of services that the CSCU has provided in the past is Workshops on CS-related topics, pub nights, LAN/Board Game nights and career nights. In addition, the executive team is always working to improve the student experience, such as advising faculty on curriculum changes, organizing tutoring sessions in the SLC and many other things.

Contact Us: Website Phone: 416-979-5000 x6974


The CSCU is funded solely through the RSU, where it receives student group funding of $500 per semester. Any other funding is raised by the CSCU through grant applications and merchandise sales.


The organization is arranged in a relatively flat hierarchy, and consists of the following members:

  • President
  • Vice President Academics
  • Vice President Operations & Events*
  • Vice President Communications*
  • Vice President Careers & Outreach*
  • Vice President Finance*
  • Fourth Year Representative
  • Third Year Representative
  • Second Year Representative
  • First Year Representative

(*) Members do not get a seat on the Department of Computer Science Council

To see the current list of executives, please visit:

The CSCU is also able to nominate deputy positions for all but the president. These deputized positions do not hold a seat on the Department of Computer Science Council, but do have votes within the CSCU.